Options of Florida Child Support Payment if Unemployed

What is the worst thing that would happen to you is finding yourself unemployed and you are paying child support. Florida State does not look at your current and you are still oblige in paying the financial support monthly or else you may find yourself lock in jail. There are more details about child support at countyofflorida.org. To help you with the matter, there are options you can do:image1

  1. First one, you may lend a loan in the bank, relatives or friends to afford the settlements of assisting your child. This will enable you to ease for a short time as soon as you secure a job to compensate all the money that you owe.
  2. Second, you ought to get in contact with the caseworker in Florida Department of Revenue to check the options in the problem. There are a few cases which an unemployed non-custodial parent without even profits could be reduced for a while from paying of the child support. For only a while because he or she will still carry out the payments eventually. The balance to be paid will just be postponed on a future date. The payments will have an interest.
  3. Last option, you have to talk to a lawyer if you aren’t successful in suspending the payment for quite a while in Florida Department of Revenue. The lawyer will help you on preventing getting in the jail for the meanwhile. He will write up a settlement within you together with the legal parent that you would pledge to cover the child support at the date aided by the interest due to reason that you are not yet currently employed. You can contact the court house to look for a legal representative that tackles child support conditions. The office will present you with group of legal professionals which you may call to assist you.

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